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About us

DaklaPack Rallysport is a Dutch off-road racing team that competes in South Africa and Portugal. The team was founded in 2015 and has since achieved considerable success. In 2023, the team decided to fully relocate to Leiria, Portugal, due to the many wonderful races taking place in Portugal and Spain.

As an experienced rally team, DaklaPack Rallysport offers various services, including rally service support for races in Portugal and Spain, events such as the Morocco Desert Challenge and even the infamous Dakar Rally. We also act as distributor of Red-Lined T1 and T1+ race cars for Portugal and Spain, a renowned brand with an excellent reputation.

One of the highlights for DaklaPack Rallysport is our own successful participation in the tough 2023 Dakar Rally, where we became a whopping second among rookies. With their our experience, we can also help other drivers complete this challenging race.

DaklaPack Rallysport offers several services to meet the needs of rally drivers:

1. Rally service support:
We offer full technical support during rallies, allowing drivers to concentrate on driving while DaklaPack Rallysport takes care of vehicle maintenance and repairs.

2. Sales of Red-Lined T1 and T1+ cars:
As a distributor of Red-Lined race cars, DaklaPack Rallysport also offers the opportunity to buy these high-quality vehicles. This enables drivers to embark on their rally adventures with reliable and performance-oriented cars.

3. Rental of T1 and T1+ cars:
For those who do not have their own race car, DaklaPack Rallysport also offers the possibility of renting a T1 or T1+ car. This way, drivers can still participate in races without having to buy their own vehicle.

4. Storage facilities:
Besides providing technical support and offering vehicles, DaklaPack Rallysport also offers storage facilities for cars and service trucks. This allows drivers to safely store their equipment when they are not active in rallying.

5. Driving skills training:
For novice drivers or those who want to improve their skills, DaklaPack Rallysport organises driving skills training courses. These trainings help develop essential skills and techniques needed to successfully participate in rallies.

6. Navigation training:
Accurate navigation is crucial in rallying. DaklaPack Rallysport offers training courses to help drivers improve their navigation skills, including reading maps, using GPS systems and understanding rally route books.

7. Dune training:
Rallies on sandy terrains place special demands on drivers. DaklaPack Rallysport offers dune training to ensure drivers are competent in navigating and driving on dunes, which is essential for success in races such as the Dakar Rally.

8. Outeiro test track:
DaklaPack Rallysport has has acces to the Outeiro test track. Located just a 20-minute drive from our workshop, this test track provides an ideal location to test vehicles and optimise set-ups before entering real races.

DaklaPack Rallysport caters to a diverse audience within the rallying world, ranging from novice drivers looking to develop their skills to experienced professionals looking for technical support or high-quality race cars. With their comprehensive range of services, they can meet the different needs and wishes of this target group. Whether you are looking for support during a rally, want to buy or rent a reliable race car, attend training courses to improve your skills or simply need secure storage facilities for your vehicle - DaklaPack Rallysport is ready to make your rally adventures possible.

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