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🇬🇧 Our Driver training at the Xrace Racing Park in Portugal in a Red-Lined VK50. More information about our driver training, rally service, storage or race car rental? Have a look at our website.

🇵🇹 A nossa formação de pilotos no Xrace Racing Park, em Portugal, num VK50 de linhas vermelhas. Mais informações sobre a nossa formação de pilotos, serviço de rali, armazenamento ou aluguer de carros de corrida? Veja o nosso site.

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🇬🇧 Our Driver Training last week at the Outeiro Test Center. More information about a drivers training you can find at our website.

🇵🇹 A nossa Formação de Condutores na semana passada no Centro de Testes de Outeiro na semana passada. Mais informações o nosso site.

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Back home enjoying the @bajattextremadura last weekend ↔️ RECAP of our rally

#DaklaPackRallySport #RedLined #BajaExtremadura #Rally

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Wrapping up the last race day 🔝 A winning day in our own class @bajattextremadura 💯

#DaklaPackRallysport #RedLined #BajaExtremadura #Rally

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Happy with the results and grateful to have such a top team! 🇬🇧Muito contente com os resultados desta prova e muito agradecido por esta equipa fantástica! 🇵🇹 ...

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Yesterdays stage done and dusted ✔️ Now on our way to the next 💪🏽 🇪🇸 @bajattextremadura

#DaklaPackRallysport #RedLined #BajaExtremadura #Rally

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3-2-1 … Ready for the @bajattextremadura! Now on our way to Spain 🇪🇸

Prepped the cars this week and ready to rumble 💪🏽

#DaklaPackRallySport #BajaExtremadura #RedLinedMotorSport #Rally

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🇬🇧 Yes, you read that right, it`s Baja Week... again 😅

Still with the adrenaline rush from Nkomazi 400 we`ll fly to Spain in a few days for @bajattextremadura! This race is part of the FIA ​​European Cross Country Bajas Cup and will take place between May 2nd and 4th 🤩

🇵🇹 Sim, leram bem, é Semana de Baja... outra vez 😅

Ainda com a adrenaline de Nkomazi 400 dentro de poucos dias voamos até Espanha para a Baja TT Dehesa Extremadura! Esta prova faz parte da Taça Europeia Fia de Bajas e vai realizar-se entre os dias 2 e 4 de Maio 🤩

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Yesterday’s start of Loop 1 in the Nkomazi400 🔛 🔥 The Revo GTR is absolutely phenomenal!

#Nkomazi400 #RedLinedMotorsport #Rally #DaklaPackRallySport #Revo #GTR

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Successful weekend for the DaklaPack Rallysport team in the Nkomazi 400 in Malelane. Pim and Rikus made their debut in the Revo T1+ V8 and finished P13 overall and P9 in their class. 👏Their race went off without a hitch. Dave and Tessa set off in the week-old Revo T1+ GTR turbo and finished P17 overall and P12 in their class. The turbo is horrendously fast and really takes some time getting used to for us. A flat tire, a pee stop did not help their result.

The stages were technically very challenging and tough. 40% of the participants did not reach the finish line. In that respect we are more than satisfied with the results. Ready and hungry for more. 🔥

#Nkomazi400 #RedLinedMotorsport #Rally #DaklaPackRallySport

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